With global political upheaval and natural disasters happening everywhere, more and more people are seeing the wisdom in having a good supply of food to survive on in case...

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Survival Gear

Start with Innovative Self Defense Gear & Gadgets

It seems every survivalist or 'prepper' has their own reason for the preparation; someone prepares for the civil defense, someone may be preparing for...

A Beginners Guide To Archery Equipment for Survival

Most survival articles you’ll see concerning weapons will focus on firearms. And that’s all well and good. But if you only stock up...

And The Winner Is…

Okay, we have a winner in our Mountain House Wrap Giveaway. If you missed the giveaway, it worked like this. All you had...

30-30 Winchester – Is It The Best Survival Gun?

If you're looking for an cheap survival gun with plenty of power, take a look at the Marlin 30-30. This article looks at the pro's and con's of the 30-30 as a survival weapon.

Mountain House Wraps Review and Giveaway!

I’ve used Mountain House freeze dried foods for many years. I first started taking them on extended camping and hunting trips over 10...

Emergency Preparedness

Government Issues


Everything you need to know about the Survival Skills.

Gulf Oil Spill


Can America Survive An Argentina Style Economic Collapse?

Could the U.S. survive an economic collapse like Argentina? I'm not sure, but perhaps this article will help you prepare for an emergency should we have one.

What To Expect If Or When America Collapses Financially

I found this article over at Survival Spot. The author lived through Argentina’s financial collapse and gives a horrifying account of what to...

What Do You Think The End Of The World As We Know It Will Look Like?

How do you think the end of the world as we know it will look? Here's one writers opinion on what TEOTWAWKI will look like after a major disaster.