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Okay, we have a winner in our Mountain House Wrap Giveaway. If you missed the giveaway, it worked like this. All you had to do was leave a comment on the Mountain House Wrap Review post and tell me what your favorite Mountain House meal was. If it matched mine, then you won three packages of Mountain House freeze dried food.

Well, for reason’s that are beyond my comprehension, my favorite MH meal is Beef Stew (actually, I think it’s called “Hearty Stew with Beef, but in my World, any stew with Beef is…well…beef stew :mrgreen: )! I always make sure that there is at least one pouch of this meal in my backpack when I go camping or hunting. There’s just something about coming back to camp and having a hot meal of Beef stew after I’ve been tromping around the mountain all day that I find very appealing!

My second favorite Mountain House offering is Chili Mac. It simply rocks! My third, well, just about any other offering in the MH line, I love them all but if I had to choose a #3, it would be Chicken Ala King or Spaghetti!

The Winner of this giveaway was Robert, who guessed Beef Stew. He’ll be getting those three pouches in the mail by next week. Thanks Robert, I hope you enjoy those MH freeze dried entrees!

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