Are Unions Planning the Financial Downfall of America?

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seiu secret plan to cause instability in financial marketsSomeone sent me this link to a YouTube video last night. I found it very interesting and honestly, a little more than unsettling. But once I thought about it, it does make sense, from the Unions standpoint. The video is actually a recording of a meeting where a high ranking (former or current, no one seems to know) Service Employee International Union (SEIU) Official, Stephen Lerner, discusses the secret plans that apparently they (the Unions) already have in place to bring down the financial markets of the U.S. as well as create instability in the financial markets.

What amazed me was how quick the Union and mainstream media have reacted in trying to contain the fallout from this leaked audio. Even though they introduce Stephen as being from SEIU at this meeting, the media and other outlets are trying to paint him as a “former” SEIU member.

What’s more unsettling, apparently this guy is known by the White House as he’s visited there more than once and has had high ranking meetings with Officials from the Treasury. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t passing the sniff test!!

Take a listen to the audio and see what you think. Then ask yourself, if this had been a conservative Official discussing these plans, how long do you think it would have taken for the FBI and a half  dozen other Government agencies to swoop in and arrest him? But apparently this doesn’t happen if you’re friends with the White House.

At one point in the Video, he even catches himself from telling everyone the details of the plan, saying that there may be “Police Agents” in the room.

Really Stephen? Geez, I wonder why!

This guy also goes on to say that the Unions are basically dead as are the Community Organizers if they continue on the path they are on. This is where he starts laying out the plan they have to cause chaos in the financial markets.

Stephen goes to great lengths to tell the people at the meeting that the Unions can’t afford for this unrest to be seen as coming from the Unions, that it must be seen as a grass roots organization. He says the Unions can’t take the risk. Hmmm…take what risk and why?

Basically what they’re planning is a “mortgage strike”. Where they call for people to stop paying their mortgages so that it would bring the banks and lenders to a state of insolvententcy. Not only that, but they’ll be calling for Students to stop paying their student loans back. Seeing how Student have TRILLIONS of our dollars already, not paying back those loans could be the straw that breaks the Camels back. And the Unions know this!!

He goes as far as saying that if they can get homeowners and students to stop paying their bills, then the Unions will also be able to use collective bargaining through negotiations with States and City contracts to insist that the banks forgive loans and/or greatly reduce the interest rates the Government entities are paying. Isn’t this considered blackmail?

Here’s the audio. Yeah, it’s really a YouTube video with only the audio so don’t think the video portion isn’t working, because it is.

The Unions have been in decline for years. They know their time is coming to an end, but they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep their power and money. They’ll go to any measure to make sure they keep this power and money also. Even if it means bringing financial ruin to America. Is it any wonder why their image is tarnished? I would hate to be a Union member and know that an organization I belong to is trying to undermine my Country.

Wouldn’t someone planning such actions be guilty of conspiracy to commit Treason in any other Country?

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