Can America Survive An Argentina Style Economic Collapse?

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Note: This is an anonymous guest post. I approved it as a refresher since I wrote an article a while back about a possible economic collapse in America.

Can you just imagine the stress of walking up to an ATM and it having no money? Can you imagine the shock of walking up to another ATM and it also having no money?  What about a third ATM having no money…that’s horror!  It could happen if the United States suffers the same tragic economical collapse that Argentina suffered back in the 1990’s.

Not only would and empty ATM be dreadful, what about grocers who are wiped completely out of inventory. Think of hospitals packed to the gill and turning away people. Living for days, weeks, and even months without electricity.  How horrible of a picture do we need to paint to make you see that you need to prepare for the worst?  Don’t be caught out and think it won’t happen to you or your family.  Don’t think the people of Argentina didn’t think that way.  I bet they are much better prepared for disaster having lived through such an ordeal.

Start making plans now to protect you loved ones. Make sure you start and maintain a good food and water storage which includes things like protein rich foods, dry goods, canned goods and much more. You will also need  first aid supplies, feminine protection, diapers, etc.   Don’t forget radios and lighting. What about self defense items?  Generators, fuel storage, optics to name a few.

If you are unsure where to start, spend some time on the internet. There are tons of articles and websites that will educate you and help you get started.  Many even sell survival products.  Don’t be overwhelmed though. Start by picking up some extra items when you make that weekly trip to the store. Throw an extra bag of pinto beans in the cart. Maybe a roll of gauze and some peroxide. A box or two of ammo. The most important thing is to just start doing it! Don’t be a victim of paralysis due to over analysis. This isn’t rocket science folks!

Don’t be in the 99% of Americans who probably won’t be ready. Take it from the Mormons who have been preparing with food storage for years. Many of them have even benefited from their food storage when they found themselves without jobs. You just never know what life may hand you and the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to BE PREPARED!

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