Emergency Preparedness

Start with Innovative Self Defense Gear & Gadgets

It seems every survivalist or 'prepper' has their own reason for the preparation; someone prepares for the civil defense, someone may be preparing for...

Lessons Learned From the Japan Earthqake and Tsunami

What can we learn from the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami? Quite a bit actually. If you're taking notes on survival, this catastrophic event is full of hard learned lessons you need to take heed to.

Doomsday Preppers Show Review

Is the Doomsday Preppers show worth watching? Does it have important information for prepping or is it just another Hollywood entertainment show with over the top contestants?

Hurricane Preparedness – How To Prepare For a Hurricane Or Other Natural Disaster

Hurricane preparedness should start now. Don't wait until a few days before a hurricane hits or you and your Family could be out of luck! Here is a hurricane preparedness checklist you can use.

Have You Considered A Solar Generator For Emergency Backup Power?

One of the ironic consequences that I saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike is people running out of gas for their generators and...

Wal-Mart – A Preppers Best Friend?

If you're a Prepper on a Budget or you just want to start your emergency preparedness plan, Wal-Mart has just about everything you need. Here's what I found recently.

Tips For Using Coupons To Build Your Food Stockpile

Extreme couponing is all the rage now. But did you know you can use coupons to build your food stockpile? Here are 5 tips on ways I use to build our food storage stockpile and save money in the process!

Long Term Food Storage 101

Want to know how to start long term food storage? Here's the easy way for beginners to start storing food long term. It only takes a few dollars and some space.

Did You Survive The Holidays?

I hope this post finds you well and you implemented your plans to survive the Holidays! (pun intended ) Hopefully everyone...

Earthquake Preparedness Begins With Earthquake Kits

Do you have an earthquake preparedness plan for your family? Do you have an earthquake kit for your family? Here's how to get started today, before the next earthquake hits!

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