Did You Survive The Holidays?

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I hope this post finds you well and you implemented your plans to survive the Holidays! (pun intended :) ) Hopefully everyone rested up a bit and spent some quality time with family and friends. Preparedness and planning for SHTF situations doesn’t have to take every waking minute. Sometimes it’s nice to put all your worries out of your mind and just think of nothing and enjoy the moment.

One thing that the Holidays did make me think about is what will happen to my friends and family (those outside my immediate family). They all know that I practice emergency preparedness. Many think I’ve lost my rocker, some are curious while others understand and envy me. Those who envy me are mostly men who have wives who do not understand the importance of preparing for times of unrest or emergencies.

The one exception is my Sister who has a husband that thinks I’m a wacko. He works in insurance in a high-rise office building in KC. They do very well and live in a gated subdivision. I often tease him that if it’s so unsafe that they have to put a fence and gates around the place, then they need to move to a safer location! He doesn’t laugh. He’s one of these people who takes his self way too serious.

My Brother-In-Law believes that the Government will take care of us and provide us all the things we need in an emergency. Whenever he spouts that crap on me and just remind him of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. For some reason the thinks that just because he makes a lot of money, him and his like will be cared for first. Luckily my Sister knows better and she has become a closet Survivalist. Basically she practices emergency preparedness under his nose without him knowing about it! At least, the best she can without being too obvious.

I have other relatives who live out in the Country. For many of them, the see no need in prepping. They believe that they can survive anything simply because they can hunt, fish and grow a garden. I’ll agree with them to a point, but you can’t have everything you need in an instant if you’re not putting back.

One of my Uncles loves telling me that he’ll just grab his gun and go take what he needs away from people like me should TSHTF. I love telling him that he’ll be one of the first ones to go if TSHTF! That kind of thinking is foolish. I’m surprised at how many idiots in our world still think like that!

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you that I had over the Holidays while spending time with my family and friends. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish each of you a profitable and health 2010. May God bless you and your family richly.

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