Emergency Food Supply for Survival Situations – How to Find It

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Best Emergency Food Rations Survival Food Supplies

With global political upheaval and natural disasters happening everywhere, more and more people are seeing the wisdom in having a good supply of food to survive on in case supply lines are cut.

Almost every grocery store in America has only one to three days of food on the shelves. Even the threat of severe storms can have shelves stripped bare in hours. Imagine the panic that would ensue in the face of a larger crisis. It is important to have a backup plan to feed the family if the grid goes down.

What Survival Foods Make Sense?

Survival food, stored for possible emergencies, is important for all households. But what foods to keep? Families should actually eat the foods they keep for survival. It would be a bad thing to suddenly change the family diet to unfamiliar items during a time of high stress. Freeze dried and dehydrated foods in buckets, number 19 cans and pouches are a good choice since the foods can be used as part of the family meal plans.

There are many online sources selling survival food. Be sure to pick a site that has a variety of foods so that optimal nutrition can be maintained throughout the emergency situation. Check out Nitro-Pak and ReadyHour Brands, two of the most trusted online sources for survival foods.

Just as people like variety in daily life, they can also enjoy it with survival food choices. Meat is even an option with survival food items. Freeze dried meat dishes can be reconstituted and prepared to taste just as fresh and good as homemade. One has to try a few to truly experience the taste and quality.

Military and Civilian MREs

Individuals should also keep on hand some Meals Ready To Eat (MRE). An MRE is a prepackaged meal that has everything in a single pouch except water. There are meat and even vegetarian meals available. MREs come with an eating utensil and condiments. Many also have a dessert. They were designed for the military to eat on the go and are well suited for civilian use.

There are only a couple of manufacturers of the civilian version of MREs. However, those manufacturers distribute through retail sales outlets. MREs can be purchased as a ready to go full meal in a pouch, or they can be purchased as individual meal components. Some companies put together their own meal pouches with items and condiments more suited to civilian use.

For example, the military versions all have matches. Civilian MREs probably can forgo the book of matches and assume families, will stock up on those seperately. Military versions also contain an MRE heater that is activated by a tiny amount of water. The water creates a chemical reaction that will heat a sealed pouch of MRE food. Civilian MREs usually offer the heaters as an option; but again, food preparation tools can be stocked separately for home use.

MRE food can be eaten heated or cold. It is fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the specially made pouches. The MRE heaters are not needed, but they do make the meals more enjoyable if there is no other means to heat the entrees. A family evacuating an area is best served to have their bug out backpacks packed with MREs. For sheltering in place during an emergency situation, freeze dried and dehydrated foods are less expensive and easier to store in bulk.

Mac & Cheese Survival-Style

Our best recommendation is for Emergency Food Supplies if by far is the fine folks at: SurvivalFoodOutlet..com.

As you prepare with your family, explore your many options for survival food and how to find it in stores and online. For recommendations, see the sidebar at the right or our Buying Guide page.

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