5 Reasons Why Gas Prices Are High Now

· Government Issues, Gulf Oil Spill

Why Are Gas Prices So High?

how to get lower gas pricesI hear a lot of people give their theories for why we have such high gas prices. Some are downright funny while others would be funny if it weren’t the people it was coming from. Some educated people who should know better are spewing their own opinions on the reason for the higher gas prices. Here’s the Top 5 Reasons Gas Prices Are High…in no certain order…

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Doomsday Preppers Show Review

· Emergency Preparedness

natgeo doomsday preppers showOkay, like most of you, I was interested in this new “reality” show from NatGeo. Probably my biggest fear was that NatGeo, just like nearly any other media outlet, would make these people out to be right wing nut jobs. After watching 3 episodes, I was partially right. But then again, what can you expect from a sensational title like ‘Doomsday Preppers‘? Why not just ‘Preppers’ or ‘Basic Prepping 101′ or even ‘Advanced Prepping Guide’? Ahh, cause sensationalism sells!

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And The Winner Is…

· Survival Gear

Okay, we have a winner in our Mountain House Wrap Giveaway. If you missed the giveaway, it worked like this. All you had to do was leave a comment on the Mountain House Wrap Review post and tell me what your favorite Mountain House meal was. If it matched mine, then you won three packages of Mountain House freeze dried food.

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Can What Is Happening In Greece Happen in America?

· Government Issues

riots in greeceUnless you just refuse to listen to the news or perhaps you get your  news from a very serious news commentator like Jon Stewart, (okay, that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it), you have no doubt saw the riots in Greece. Perhaps you even know what has caused them. In a nutshell, here is what has cause the Citizens of Greece to rise up against their Government.

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Mountain House Wraps Review and Giveaway!

· Survival Gear

review of mountain house wrapsI’ve used Mountain House freeze dried foods for many years. I first started taking them on extended camping and hunting trips over 10 years ago. So it was only natural that when I really got serious about putting food back and developing a survival plan, that I used Mountain House freeze dried foods to supplement my other food stores. Sure, they cost a little bit more, but one thing I simply love about them is the 25 to 30 shelf life most of their foods have when packed in #10 cans and around 5 to 7 years for the pouches (if I remember correctly). I don’t have to worry about rotating stock or any of those other annoying little chores! Of course, I love my canned foods, so keeping up with the dates on everything is somewhat a labor of love, but when I look over at my Mountain House food, I’m more than glad I don’t have to wonder when it was packed or if I need to eat it soon.

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5 Military Surplus Rifles For Survival and Self Reliance

· survival guns

Military surplus guns for survivalContrary to popular belief from some so called “Survival Gurus”, you don’t need an armory for survival or self reliance. Sure, I’d like to have about a dozen M1A1′s, maybe a couple cases of AR16/A2′s and a few FNFAL 7.62 Battle Rifles for good measure. But I don’t have that kind of dough laying around and I’m betting that many of you don’t either. And if I did, I’m sure I could find something better to spend it on than a half dozen or so of top of the line assault rifles! There are better picks for the label of best survival rifles in my opinion than $1000 plus guns!

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Tips For Using Coupons To Build Your Food Stockpile

· Emergency Preparedness

using coupons for stockpiling foodIf you’re like most people, you’ve either heard or watched that cable show about extreme couponing. I for one groaned when I first saw it. I knew what was coming. The same thing that happened after those cable shows about buying storage units. People got caught up in the shows and forgot that they were on TV for entertainment purposes and not a “How to” show. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these tips for using coupons to build your food stockpile.

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A Beginners Guide To Archery Equipment for Survival

· Survival Gear

bows and arrows for survivalMost survival articles you’ll see concerning weapons will focus on firearms. And that’s all well and good. But if you only stock up on guns, you may be missing out on another lethal segment of weaponry. And that of course is Archery. Archery gear has been used for self defense and food gathering for centuries. Certainly well before the time of gunpowder and lead projectiles! If you’re serious about prepping for any emergency or civil disaster, then your emergency preparedness equipment should include some bows and arrows along with an assortment of accessories. This article isn’t mean to be an in depth manual, but only a beginners guide to archery equipment for survival. Having been a bowhunter myself since I was 15, I’ve naturally acquired many pieces of equipment over the years and I’ve shot nearly every type of bow you can imagine. I take archery serious and here is what I’d tell anyone in my family who was unfamiliar with modern archery but wanted to prepare.

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Are Unions Planning the Financial Downfall of America?

· politics

seiu secret plan to cause instability in financial marketsSomeone sent me this link to a YouTube video last night. I found it very interesting and honestly, a little more than unsettling. But once I thought about it, it does make sense, from the Unions standpoint. The video is actually a recording of a meeting where a high ranking (former or current, no one seems to know) Service Employee International Union (SEIU) Official, Stephen Lerner, discusses the secret plans that apparently they (the Unions) already have in place to bring down the financial markets of the U.S. as well as create instability in the financial markets.

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Lessons Learned From the Japan Earthqake and Tsunami

· earthquake, Emergency Preparedness

earthquake preparednessI’m still amazed at the destruction of the Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan on March the 11th. Truly amazing video and photos coming out of there. And the amount of human suffering can’t even begin to be counted nor imagined. Yet, as I watch the Survivors go about trying to make it day to day, I can’t help but think how many of those people were actually prepared for something like this. There are lessons to be learned from the Japan earthquake and tsunami, yet I imagine few will take heed. In all honestly, I doubt anyone could be 100% prepared for anything of this size. Yet when I see all those people scouring the bare shelves of the grocery stores looking for food or waiting in line for hours, or even days for fuel, I wonder how many of them had thought about something like this might happen and practiced emergency preparedness? From the looks of it, very few.

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