Mountain House Wraps Review and Giveaway!

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review of mountain house wrapsI’ve used Mountain House freeze dried foods for many years. I first started taking them on extended camping and hunting trips over 10 years ago. So it was only natural that when I really got serious about putting food back and developing a survival plan, that I used Mountain House freeze dried foods to supplement my other food stores. Sure, they cost a little bit more, but one thing I simply love about them is the 25 to 30 shelf life most of their foods have when packed in #10 cans and around 5 to 7 years for the pouches (if I remember correctly). I don’t have to worry about rotating stock or any of those other annoying little chores! Of course, I love my canned foods, so keeping up with the dates on everything is somewhat a labor of love, but when I look over at my Mountain House food, I’m more than glad I don’t have to wonder when it was packed or if I need to eat it soon.

Now in all fairness, I will also tell you that Mountain House sent me some of their Wraps to review. They also sent along a few of their other menu items in pouches for me to give away to my readers. Any time someone wants to send me free food to try out, I’m all for it!

There was just one little problem. They sent it at a time I was involved in a major renovation on a part of our house and I put the pouches with my own stockpile of Mountain House foods and simply forgot about them. That was until I went to get a few pouches out of the Pantry for an upcoming camping trip and noticed the pouch that said “Mountain House Wraps – Buffalo Style Chicken”.

I thought to myself “Now I don’t remember buying that”. Then it hit me! “OMG!, I was suppose to try a couple of these out and review them for Mountain House!”  Geez, they sent them last July and I just found them in my store room the other day!

Well, being the good reviewer that I am…and one always willing to try new foods :-P , I put on some water to boil and decided I’d have that Buffalo Style Chicken for lunch right then!

I also whipped out some tortillas. I mean, after all, I was reviewing the “wraps”. Since we’re big Mexican food eaters around here anyway, the tortillas were handy anyway! I always like to throw them on the stove and heat them with the open flame. My Wife on the other hand, hates it when I do that. So I make sure I only do it when she’s not home!

mountain house wrap reviewWith the water boiling, I poured some into the pouch and stirred. I followed directions and let it sit for a spell before dishing it out on my tortillas.

Since I had never had this flavor before, I didn’t really know what to expect. So at the first bite, I was both amazed and not so amazed. I was amazed because it actually tasted like Buffalo Wings! Not so amazed because every entree that I’ve had from Mountain House has tasted just like I thought it was suppose to!

I also was more than a little surprised that this Buffalo Style chicken actually had a little bite to it. I like my food on the Spicy side! They weren’t as hot (spicy wise) as the Buffalo Wings I normally eat, but I didn’t expect it to be that hot anyway! A nice surprise and they made a filling lunch.

While I ate, I read the package to look over the ingredients and the nutritional label. (yeah, I probably should read these things before I eat them… :) )

nutrition label for mountain house foodHey, these things pack quite a bit of protein and other basic necessities. Especially if you’re far from a market and still need nutritious foods when doing strenuous activities like hiking and hunting … or surviving! The nutrients in these pouches is just one reason I have several in my bug out bag. Other reasons are because they’re relatively lightweight and are easy to prepare. There’s not much more you can ask for in a survival food!

I ate the Bacon Skillet wrap for breakfast one morning on the camping trip and it was every bit as good as the Buffalo Style Chicken. In fact, one evening I caught myself wishing I had another helping of that spicy pouch of Buffalo Style Chicken goodness!

It should go without saying that I’ve added these two flavors to my stockpile of food.

Free Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Giveaway

So now I have three pouches of Mountain House freeze dried food to give a way. I’ve wondered how would be a creative way to find the perfect person to give it to. So the only thing I can come up with now is this.

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite entree of Mountain House food is. It can be pouches or the #10 cans. Just pick one and one entree only and let me know. If your favorite matches my favorite, you’ll win one pouch serving of the Mountain House freeze dried Ice Cream Sandwich,one pouch of Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and a pouch of Chicken Stew!

If more than one person guess correctly, then I’ll randomly draw from those who guess correctly for the winner.

I’ll let this run until July 7th, which according to my old email, is the date last year that Brittany at Mountain House contacted me in regards to trying the Wraps. Good luck and let me know what your favorite Mountain House freeze dried food entree is…you just might win!



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