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It seems every survivalist or ‘prepper’ has their own reason for the preparation; someone prepares for the civil defense, someone may be preparing for a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane, someone is looking forward to the zombie attack, and someone may be having a Ukraine-like war-zone-type situation in the mind. But there’s a common reason for everyone who is insightful enough to make preparedness a necessary… taking care of their families and themselves regardless of the situation they may find themselves in.

To lessen the effects of a disaster or a panic situation, one must focus on the following things:

  • Planning.
  • Anticipating expected risks.
  • Getting armed with innovative tools and gadgets.

Keep in mind, tackling an assault with the help of a few katas (choreographed pattern of martial arts movements), joint locks or chokes is almost impossible. Even if you are a practicing martial artist and know the art of scoring knockout cold and face-first knockdowns and have mastered the technique to land a single lever-shot to end the quarrel at its earliest, still you need some SHFT items to tackle some unknown situation.

The reason is, as most realize, “change is the constant”. The art of self-defense is ever-evolving because thieves, robbers, and bullies have upgraded their “skills” and gadgets. To quote this possibly tired-old example; one’s Muay Thai practice of 10 years is just nothing in front of a single bullet from a sniper and other nefarious gunman. 

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There are some other situations where you are dealing with a flood, storm, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or landslides. You can also face a power shutdown for weeks or months.

Afterall, who was really prepared for Covid-19? Let’s be frank, do we know, even after all these many months, how many deaths actually occurred? How many survived, and how many are still on the ventilators?

Regardless, the real question remains; are we really prepared for another ‘variant’, a new species, Covid-29 or Dengue or anything similar potentially coming our way?

The Dalai Lama was once quoited as stating: “The world belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader, kings or religious leaders. The world belongs to humanity. Each country belongs essentially to their own people. Some break it down in far more simpler terms: “You belong to humanity, and humanity belongs to you.”

That being said, it may be time to consider taking up preparedness habits and practices and strengthen your own environment in parallel to saving and strengthening your family’s readiness for any potential disaster or crisis that may occurs soon or in the future. Because where they were once thought of as crackpots, survivalist and preppers and the practices they embody, these days, reach across the limits of status, race, culture, class, and age.

While we certainly cannot predict the future or what’s in store for us, our loved ones or society as a whole, we do have one solid option; imagine the worst SHTF (Sh!t Hits The Fan) situation and prepare for that scenario with rehearsal and practice.

Some simple SHTF items:

Have a well-written checklist with you because it’s unlikely you will have the ability to think about all the possibilities for the preparation while in the throes of a disaster or crisis. However, a pre-written, well-thought-out checklist puts everything on paper and saves you from trying to brain-storm at the eleventh hour.

Please keep in mind, it’s not necessary for your SHTF items to be costly nor should they break the bank or empty your wallet. Plus, the vital security gear, tools and equipment essential to protect your family and ensure their safety during a calamity, doesn’t have to be the utmost innovative, most specialized and latest automation. To start, the fundamentals but can be as simple as a needle and knives, fire-starters like a matchbox and lighter, some freeze-dried food and water purification bottle and a hand-held power-bank.

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