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A Beginners Guide To Archery Equipment for Survival

Most survival articles you’ll see concerning weapons will focus on firearms. And that’s all well and good. But if you only stock up...

10 Best Places To Survive In America

Well, it’s that time again, the time when Money magazine comes out with their top 100 places to live in America. Of course,...

The Colony – Season 2 on Discovery Channel

I first thought about writing a review on Season 1 of Discovery Channels reality show called ‘The Colony‘ that was about a group...

What Do You Think The End Of The World As We Know It Will Look Like?

How do you think the end of the world as we know it will look? Here's one writers opinion on what TEOTWAWKI will look like after a major disaster.

5 Military Surplus Rifles For Survival and Self Reliance

If you're looking for a military Surplus rifle for Survival or self rEliance, take a look at this list. Cheap surplus rifles for using as self defense, subsistence hunting or varmint control.

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