What Do You Think The End Of The World As We Know It Will Look Like?

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JerichoTheSeriesI bet you’ve often wondered that yourself. I think everyone has their own idea of how the end of the World as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) will look like. Some believe we’ll be over ran by Blue helmeted United Nation troops, some think we’ll exist as a Police state. Myself, I often thought it would resemble the TV Series “Jericho”.

For those who never watched the show, Jericho was a two season series on CBS about what people went through after a Nuclear terrorist attack on 23 major U.S. cities. The setting takes place in a fictional town of Jericho Kansas, but if you watched the show it wasn’t hard to tell that it was shot in California. Central Kansas doesn’t have those types of mountains!! By the way, the picture is from an opening shot of the show. Pretty awesome if you saw it.

The series had a number of sub plots, including a CIA agent that knew what happened, a rival town that plotted to take over Jericho, a Government sponsored private military company with renegade operatives, a crooked politician in the upper reaches of the U.S. Government who helped plot the whole deal. Plus a few others. Sound familiar?

I’m not saying TEOTWAWKI will come about because of a Nuclear terrorist attack, although it could happen. I don’t have an idea what will trigger it. Here’s a few things I think will be very much similar to the show Jericho if the SHTF.

  • I think the larger cities will be ruled by Gangs and a mob mentality. Hell, look what happens when their favorite team either wins or loses a playoff game? They don’t need a good reason to start rioting and burning down their neighborhoods, just imagine what will happen when these thugs get hungry. I imagine you’ll have your “Green” areas where the Police and or private Security companies control, but the rest will be Gang ruled. It’s not the United Nations or even Uncle Sam I worry about, it’s Gangs or roving bands of ruthless people looking to take whatever they can get a hold of.
  • You’ll see people who will try and benefit from such a disaster any way they can. You’ll have those who try and profit from it, as well as the thugs who want to rule and control. Then you’ll have those who just want to survive any way they can.
  • I think you’ll see communities come together, at least the smaller ones, in an effort to secure their towns. They’ll probably throw together some “defense force” of one type or another. You may even see neighborhoods do this.
  • You’ll see shortages of the basic necessities; food, water and fuel. I’m sure that many things we take for granted today will be in short supply or unobtainable in such a situation. How much toilet paper or firewood do you have stored up?
  • I imagine they’ll be many refugees looking for some place to hole up. Hey, you’re place looks nice!
  • I have no doubt there will be private Security companies hired to “keep the peace”.
  • Just as with any war or uprising, you’ll have those that will give up their freedom’s for security. It’s these people you must be on the watch for. They’re the really dangerous ones.
  • I can see “Neutral zones” where people come and trade goods, supplies and services. What would you have to trade or use for currency?

These are just a few of the things that I believe could go down when the SHTF that were portrayed on the show. In fact, I found it pretty darn eerie how it closely it resembled my theory of how life would be like after such an event.

So how do you think life would be like after a catastrophic event such as a nuclear attack on our major cities?

I felt like this video was appropriate for this post..enjoy :)

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